Corporate Governance Management Team

Efficiency and focus. A senior management team capable of acting globally in the key business areas, as well as in the markets where they operate and other stakeholders.

Mr. Rosado

Ignacio Rosado

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Menck

Rodrigo Menck

Senior Vice President Finance and Group Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Guardiano

Felipe Guardiano

Vice President Sustainability, Strategic Planning & Corporate Affairs

Mr. Cicilini

Gustavo Cicilini

Vice President Human Resources

Mr. Belther

Jones Aparecido Belther

Senior Vice President Mineral Exploration & Technology

Mr. Coelho

Leonardo Nunes Coelho

Senior Vice President Mining

Mr. Godoy

Marcio Godoy

Senior Vice President Project Development & Execution

Mr. Boletta

Mauro Boletta

Senior Vice President Smelting

Mr. Porto

Ricardo Porto

Senior Vice President Commercial & Supply Chain

Ms. Penna

Renata Penna

Chief Counsel

Lucila Ribeiro

Lucila Ribeiro

Head of Corporate Affairs

Roberta Varella

Roberta Varella

Head of Investor Relations













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Investor Relations